According to an individual interviewed by the FBI, al-Bayoumi’s salary from his employer, the Saudi Civil Aviation authority, was approved by Hamid al-Rashid. Hamid is the father of Saud al-Rashid, whose photo was found in a raid of an al-Qa’ida safehouse in Karachi and who has admitted to being in Afghanistan between May 2000 and May 2001.

Describing him as headstrong and immature, KSM says he disappeared after being sent to Saudi Arabia for a, either because he had second thoughts or because his family interceded and confiscated his passport. He has no credible explanation why photos of him were found with those of three other hijackers, or why others identified him as a candidate hijacker.

According to the information available to U.S. authorities, al-Rashid pledged bayat to UBL and had been selected to participate in the martyrdom operation that became the 9/11 attack.

Rasheed denied ever meeting KSM. When confronted with the information that KSM and Mustapha al-Hawsawi identified him as one of the potential muscle operatives for the 9/11 operation, al-Rasheed claimed that KSM could have seen what al-Rasheed looked like from the picture on his passport and KSM might have heard his name because there were rumors floating around him.

The 911 Commission believe that al-Rasheed was being deceptive.