Or Osama Awadalla.

Agents had found a scrap of paper with Osama Awadallah's information in a car belonging to a Sept. 11 hijacker.

Awadalla worked at the terrorist Gas station in San Diego.

he lived in the same Saranac St. apartment as Djamel Hadjeriowa

Once Owadallah was left the gas station, he got a job as a security guard for Guardsmark. He was doing security for Intuit at their data center. An employee saw him taking hard drives and CDs out of the garbage cans at work. The FBI found huge quantities of hard drives and CDs in his possession. They are not sure what he was trying to do with these. He left the job abruptly right around 9/11. A fellow employee thought it was odd the way that he was acting around that time.

He was a student at SDSU and graduated in May 2001.